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Westside Sharpening & Cutlery Center

Superbly Sharpened Knives, Scissors, and Tools…

Get Your Knives Sharpened at a Knife Shop Run by a Knife Maker

Westside Sharpening & Cutlery Center is a complete knife shop owned and run by knife pro, Laurence Segal.

Laurence Segal, a superb knife craftsman, will build you a kitchen knife to your specifications - the right handle shape; the handle crafted from a material that is perfect for your grip; the heft and overall design of your choice; and with a blade length and shape just right for you.

It will make food preparation so much more enjoyable this year and for years to come. You'll be proud of yourself and your kitchen.

Laurence's custom made knives are branded
Rhino Knives and his specialty is the Rhino Chop. A Rhino Knife is "a thing of beauty" and "a joy forever." (John Keats)

Strikingly beautiful and very effective kitchen knibes by Laurence Segal.
Strikingly beautiful and hard working custom culinary knives by Laurence Segal.

Commit to Self Improvement

Knife with rare handle

If you have made a commitment to yourself to upgrade your kitchen equipment and build your culinary skills, consider buying something that you will enjoy and treasure. Get yourself a
Rhino Knife built just for you.

Kitchen Tool Maven Raves About Westside Sharpening . . .

"Laurence Segal of Westside Sharpening & Cutlery Center has precisely the personality you need in a go-to knife guy. He's . . . satisfaction-guaranteed confident ("Yeah, some people think they can sharpen knives, but just wait until you try your knife out tonight").

"He also harbors a few obsessive-compulsive knife storage issues," writes Jenn Garbee in

greatrhinoknifeLaurence Segal
Recently Crafted Custom Made Rhino Knife

. . . "Hey, if we owned a knife half as stunning as the hybrid Inuit Eskimo-Chinese knives (!) Segal designs and makes by hand at his tiny alley-side shop in Santa Monica, we'd probably be just as uptight about proper knife handling," continues Jenn Garbee in her Kitchen Tools blog.

The Right Knife Makes the Difference

Christmas knife dog
Professional chefs and experienced home culinary artists agree, "Knives that fit your grip, are well designed, and are precisely sharpened make the difference."

Laurence has been handcrafting Rhino Custom Knives (rhinoknives.com) for years, so naturally he is also an expert on knife sharpening and repair.

Sharpen your knives and be ready for Spring and Summer food preparation.

WS&CC Security Dog in a Holiday Mood

Handcrafted Bottle Openers and Other Kitchen Tools

Bottle Openers

Westside Sharpening
also has a great selection of hand crafted kitchen tools, including Rhino brand bottle openers, as pictured above.

Contact Laurence Segal

1207 4th Street, #150
Santa Monica, CA 90401

(310) 395-3075

[We're located at the SE Corner of Wilshire and 4th, with 2 hours of free parking across the street in the Santa Monica City Parking Complex.]

All of our Rhino Custom Knives are made right here in the USA, in Santa Monica, CA.
(Some of the exotic woods in the handles may have originated abroad.)
Support your fellow Americans - buy American and bring jobs back home.

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